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Flyff server

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Flyff Private Server

Download the client for flyff. Enjoy the game !
To play this game you need a client server that you can download for free!

After downloading the client, create an account.

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Flyff private server give you a posibility to create your flyff character and at level 20 you are finally able to use flying items, like brooms, and boards, and take to the Flyff air. Taking to the air, is the most desired skill on Flyff private server, for every new character to the flyff game.
FlyFF have a PK Arena, which includes a Pang Buffer making it easier for players to test their abilities against each other. Our active GMs are always trying to make new and exciting events like invasions, hide and seek events and various PvP events. The Guild Siege is also a great way to challenge yourself and your guild against some of the best our server has to offer.